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Fabled Farthing, LLC is a creative company based on Earth.

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A Fabled History

Once upon a time there were two artists living in half of a duplex in a magical valley nestled between the Selkirks and the Cabinets. They both enjoyed making lots of things and so naturally they decided to start selling their products.

"We like to tell different kinds of stories and work in different mediums", they both thought, and so without discussing it too much with each other they both started their own businesses. Serafina Dwyer started Rosey Fables, and Micheal Dwyer started Last Farthing.

This was a silly arrangement. It made projects more difficult and it made tax time a complete nightmare.

And so, in time, they decided to join forces and pool their talents to make awesome comics, games, books and art for people who love imaginative fiction and DIY projects.

And that's the story of Fabled Farthing, LLC... so far.

We don't know what the future brings, but we're sure it's going to be awesome and we hope you'll stick with us on this wild ride.

The Team

The weirdos that make it all possible.

Micheal Dwyer

Serafina Dwyer

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